About Us

The Foundation

The Innovation Business Foundation (IBF) is a non-profit organization in provision of charitable works to assist the development of young scientists and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and China.

What We Do

The purpose and core objective of the IBF is to bring the young scientists and entrepreneurs together and to help them unlock their fullest potential in order to bring their innovative ideas to life.

The work of the IBF can be categorized into 3 major areas:

  • hosting conferences and workshops in Hong Kong and China to facilitate the exchange of ideas as well as the collaboration between local and overseas scientists, economists, entrepreneurs and students
  • attending academic conferences worldwide to foster international collaboration and to attract the best talents to Hong Kong and China
  • sponsorship of local young promising scientists and economists by providing the unique opportunity to attend well-known academic conferences overseas, including meeting, learning and collaborating with award-winning scientists and other researchers from all over the world

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